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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laser Eye Surgery Costs

The cost of Laser eye surgery is not an outrageous value chosen by an eye specialist. Lasik costs are essentially determined in accordance to a number of components, this includes all the surgeon's knowledge, geographic locality, and expenditures. So how much will LASIK cost you, and also precisely how much of this particular fee is actually protected by insurance plans?

Typically, people can potentially expect to have to spend between $500 to $2,500 for each eye. Why does Lasik surgery cost that much? Mainly because it costs some money to carry out surgical procedure. At eye surgery centres, the final Lasix eye surgery cost will depend on how much the medical specialist has spent on operative group fees, anesthesia, disposable medical tools, lazer routine service, malpractice insurance, as well as much more. Operating specialists must promote to lure clients, hence advertising expenses tend to be factored in also. Also, clients must be expecting pre-surgical screenings and make-surgical check-ups for twelve months immediately after their surgery. The Lasek price should include most of these exams.

Generally there are often some other components that can raise the actual Lasik operation cost. As an example, clients suffering from extreme eye-sight difficulties may need custom Laser eye surgery. This action provides an impressive three dimensional map of the surface area of this cornea, allowing the LASIK medical expert to supply tailored re-shaping for the highest possible effect.

Affected individuals regularly worry about wether the LASIK eye laser surgery price varies by country. It will tend to be overpriced arround big metropolitan areas due to higher costs of living related to this kind of places. Your surgeon's degree of expertise and experience will have an impact on the expense of surgical procedures. Clinical doctors that are exceptionally popular charge you a lot more than their much lower-known counterparts. Alternatively, really low costs may possibly show a brand new operating doctor or even an assembly-line procedure for Laser eye surgery. Select a reasonable center, but keep away from bargain basement Lasek at all costs. You wouldn't want to give up your eyes in the name of frugality.

Exactly how much of that Laser surgery fee is going to be paid for by your insurance? Sadly enough, almost all American insurance coverage organizations think of lasik surgery as being "not clinically important". As a result, the medical procedures are not normally protected by insurance policies. A few graduate insurance plans, like Aetna, are already recognized to the expense of Rk surgery for university students.

Whether or not your current plan includes the manipulation, you may still find some things you can do to offset your Eye laser surgery cost. One example is, find out if your company will associate with an eye-sight center to acquire discount tariffs for their employees. If the profession provide a overall health spending or adaptive spending credit account, put cash into it each month to enable you to utilize itto fund your Laser eye operation. Finally, should you meet the criteria, a lot of Lasek treatment centers give their particular financing. You might get the surgical treatment without advance payment and deferred interest charges, which makes it cheaper.

While the majority of Us citizens need to pay for their personal Laser eye surgical procedure, they believe that the results are worth the expense. Would you decide to go forward with Laser eye surgery, budget one thousand dollars to $5,000 for both eyes and do not count on insurance.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The different types of Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery has become a common method to correct vision. As you may know, different types of lasik surgery exist, but it is not always easy to know for which one to go for as each type of lasik surgery can be better for one person than for another. The best solution is to go and see you eye doctor or eye laser surgeon. He will be able to tell you which type of lasik is the most suitable for you. Meanwhile here is a description of the various types of lasik surgery available.

The first one, is LASIK which means Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. This is the most popular procedure and the surgery is rather fast as it simply cuts a flap on the top and middle of the cornea and then uses a laser to reshape correctly the cornea.

LASEK is quite similar to Lasik, but the flap which is cut is only taken from the upper layer. This is usually used for people who have problems with their cornea. The negative point of this method is that the healing period can be rather long and sometimes slightly more painful than Lasik.

The third type of lasik surgery which exists is EPI-lasik which does the same cut as for the lasek surgery, but uses a different instrument, which is better and helps reducing pain and the healing period.

Zyoptix Lasik, is very similar to Lasik surgery, but the equipment and procedure is slightly different, and is more precise. Actually Zyoptix laser surgery looks at problems on an individual basis. Therefore, the surgery often takes more time, but the quality is often higher. Zyoptix risks are also generaly lower than for other types of Lasik as the surgery done is more precise.

The last type of lasik surgery is bladeless lasik, which is the same as Lasik surgery but only uses laser to cut the cornea. The advantage of bladeless lasik is that the technology and equipment used allows the cut in the cornea to be extremely precise.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Refractive Laser Surgery

Refractive laser surgery eye drawing Refractive laser surgery is a type of eye surgery which is used in order to recover the refractive state of your eyes. As a consequence you will no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses as you will usually have a 20/20 vision. Refractive laser surgery is based on the remodeling of your eye cornea. In order to do so, different types of lasers are used to reshape your cornea. This method can help you to cure vission issues such as myopia, astigmatism or even hyperopia.

Different technique of refractive laser surgery exist. The first one to have appeared was the PRK method (Photorefractive keratectomy) which removes thanks to a laser, microscopic bits of tissue from your cornea stroma. Meanwhile patients found this method rather uncomfortable and long to recover. LASIK then appeared which as opposed to PRK does not remove part of the tissue. Other techniques such as LASEK (similar to PRK) or EPI-LASIK exist but are not used as much.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Effects of Eye Laser Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a great technique but what are the possible effects that can occur from its use? Even though laser surgery is a lot safer than what it used to be, there are still risks associated to the surgical procedure. Before using this method to correct you eye vision it is important to think about the risks involved in such procedure and the possible outcomes of the surgery. Here is a list of positive or negative effects that may occur after the surgery.

1) You probably will obtain a better vision (in most cases close to 10/10). This is the ideal result wanted by everyone as you will no longer need to wear glasses or wear contact lenses.

2) In some cases you may not have any change in your vision or very little even though the surgeon has tried his best. This is obviously disappointing, but not dramatic as your eye will not be damaged and if ever you want to, you can always proceed to another surgery to rectify what went wrong.

3) Occasionally it happens than patients get a worse vision after laser surgery. Patient tend to think that success rate is at 100% which is in fact no the case. It does happen sometimes that your vision becomes worse. To limit this risk try to get a surgeon who has a good reputation and go to private clinics if you can afford it. If ever this happens, you may take surgery again to rectify your vision again, but in some cases the problem can become unfortunately permanent.

4) During and after the lasik surgical procedure it is possible that you catch an infection even though this is rather rare. This can be painful and annoying. If this happens you will have to take antibiotics or drops to stop the inflammation. This should not influence your vision if you take antibiotics in time.

5) The worse than can occur is loosing your vision totally. Blindless may occur in extreme cases, but this is rare. Nevertheless you eye surgeon should inform you that it can occur. But we aware that the risks for this to happen are extremely low and are often caused by unpredictable and unlucky circumstances.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Laser eye surgery? Should I?

Its all nice for me talking to you about what laser eye surgery is, but i have not spoken about i think, and have not given you my recommendations yet...So today i will!

1) So to start the first element i will tell you if you are wondering whether to have eye surgery, is only do it if for you wearing glasses or contact lenses are a real nucance!

2) The second step to look at is what age are you? Has you vision being evolving a lot recently? The reason i am asking you this, is that it would be stupid to do lasik eye surgery if your vision is still evolving. Imagine paying for your eyes surgery, and then after a year your vision has become worse again? That would really be ashame. So make sure that you vision has stabalized.

3) Laser eye surgery has a cost...its clearly not cheap. For example in Calgary the price for lasik surgery per eye is around $375! So for the two it will cost you $750! Even though the prices have apparently come down, due to advance in technology, it is still a real investment. So if you are a bit short moneywise, why not stay with contact lenses?

4) In order to have a good laser treatment and laser surgery i would recommend going to a top eye clinic even though it might be slightly more expensive. Health is important...more than a few hundred dollars!

5) If you can afford it, feel confident and know what you want, then go for it! It will definitely be a big change for you, and would be suprisingly suprised with the changes. 10/10 vision, and a new look (without glasses)!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lasix Surgery Side Effects

In my last article i talked about the risks of lazic surgery. Today i will look in more details at lasix surgery side effects. By side effects i mean the various issues that often occur after the surgical procedure.

1) One of the main side effects and which is the most frequent, is having temporarly a blurring of your vision which can be quite annoying. You will not be able to drive, or will have difficulties doing activities which require using carefuly your eyes.

2)You might also have a high sensitivity to bright light, which can give you heavy head aches, but this will slowly disappear as your eye gets used to the light.

3) In some cases, your eye might feel a bit dry. This is normal, you should not panic. Also if it feels a bit itchy, well dont touch it, and if ever it becomes too annoying you should ask advice at your eye laser surgeon.

These are the most common issues that occur after lasix surgery. Also i just wanted to add that for those who have had wavefront surgery to go and see regularly their eye specialist after their surgical operation for precaution.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lasik Surgery Risks

Recently, lasik surgery has become more and more popular all over the world. Nevertheless there has often been a misconception about the risks that can occur due to the surgical procedure. Some people tend not to be aware of what the procedure consists in, and think there is absolutely no risk when doing lasik surgery. On the other some people tend to see the worst side and are to fearful to do the surgical procedure or even to think about it!

What you need to know is that as for any surgical operation there is always a risk of having complications. Yet again as in all surgical operation the chance to have complications is rather low, and often these complications are rather small and not too unhealthy. Many people think that with eye laser surgery, if the operation does not go well, you will get blind. This is really extremely rare and has hardly ever happened...Nevertheless there is a risk of having small subtile problems, and these need to be taken into consideration before opting for lasik surgery. There is a risk you can have an annoying problem but also a risk of having something which will hurt a lot which is not so nice.

The biggest complication that seems to appear with eye laser surgery, is regression. In fact this issue is more painful for your wallet and money than for your eye health! Other more annoying and painful problems which could occur are under or over corrections (creating awful headaches due to vision problems), or an infection which could create an important pain in the eye! Nevertheless these are quite rare, and if ever they happen they are rather small and not too annoying or painful, and can always be corrected later on.

All in all you can see that lasik surgery risks are rather small, but exist as for any surgical procedure! Before opting for eye laser surgery it is important to be aware of the risks encountered in order to take the right decision!